Social Technology

The new generations of consumers are more and more tech-savvy. They fall in love easily with the latest gadgets, devices, smartphones and any other eye-catching technologies. Brands and products need to follow consumers’ passions and engage them in a different way than it was the case 5 or 10 years ago.

Perceptum has brought to Romania the most innovative experiential marketing tools, to make your brand or product the star of any event, conference, tradeshow or presentation. We proudly introduce to you DreamOC, Gravity Lifter and the Video-brochure, all of them 100% customisable to perfectly integrate with your message and your brand identity.

DreamOC is the product display of the future: it attracts like a magnet, keeps all attention focused on your product and determines the audience to spread the news about the unique high tech presentation that they have just witnessed. With DreamOC we integrate your product or brand into an animated story that promises an amazing multi-sensory experience. We custom-tailor Dreamoc to your needs, turning it into a creative product display shelf, a metallic stand, a brochure holder etc. You will see an incredibly fast return of your investment in terms of customer retention and acquisition, sales growth, increased awareness.
Whether you have to prepare a product launch, a PR event, a conference, or you need to power up your tradeshow presence, have your brand or product defy gravity and stand out (literally!) with the amazing Gravity Lifter: the display that tells your own success story by associating your business with revolutionary innovation and memorable, amazing experiences. We creatively custom-tailor the Gravity Lifter display to make your product not just the center of attention, but the very center of attraction on any occasion.
In today’s overly digital, almost paperless world, what difference can a brochure make? Well... It certainly depends on the brochure and we can certainly bring you the best of all choices: the video-brochure! The look and feel, the details, the entire construction and the dynamics of it, the message, the colors, the surprise factor, the tactile sensation and the interactivity, all these impressions put together will create a memorable experience of your brand and products. The design and format of the video-in-print presentation material is 100% flexible to suit your business, marketing and communication needs.
We create spectacular buzz around your marketing campaigns with an innovative technique: video projection mapping. From impressive buildings and sumptuous stages to products and even persons, we turn any physical surface into an incredibly rich visual story of your brand or product. Anything you wish will be turned into a dynamic video display that will surprise and fascinate your guests, turning your event into the most memorable experience. We combine advanced video mapping techniques with the passion and creativity of our designers to offer you a unique experiential event worth sharing.
We present you the big brother of video-mapping: 3D spatial augmented reality. An amazingly rich combination of animations, motion graphics, special effects, video-mapping and reality. We wrap a world of fine optical illusions around any solid object, against any building or surface. We build an unforgettable multi-sensorial experience to amplify your marketing message and bring out the unique, innovative spirit of your brand or product.