Digital Marketing

Epic traffic. Large-scale emotions.

Our online marketing solutions are tailored to perfectly suit your business goals and passionately fit the needs, desires, emotions and behavior of your target audience. The 4 P’s of classical marketing would have a hard time in today’s world without the digital four C’s: content, conversations, community and connections.

It is our job, at Perceptum, as a restless team of creative communication strategists, to effectively plant your brand and products into this dynamic soil of digital interaction. We don’t just produce good-looking placements for your brand, but help your brand build itself inside the community it serves, adding value to it and being inspired by it.

We develop detailed web strategy plans to ensure that your online presence creates engaging user experiences. We know how important it is for your site to display correctly on any device so we make sure it adjusts itself accordingly. We perform content and technical site audits that allow us to continually improve our clients’ conversion rates, usability and traffic figures. We analyze, we adjust, we deliver measurable results: from web strategy (based on market and key-word research), to planning (creating the sitemap and call-to-action buttons that convert), building and implementing your website.
Rich, high quality, helpful content brings forward your brand’s emotional appeal. The content that we create is based on thorough research that enables us to understand your industry, goals, competitors and target audiences. Our enthusiastically creative content team is dedicated to building awareness, boosting your results in search engines and increasing brand engagement. All the fine-tune targeted messages that we strategically instill within every page of your website are fully customized for your B2B or B2C marketing objectives.

In today’s noisy Social Media playground, getting the word out about your brand and products needs to be constant, captivating and creatively integrated within your marketing plan. The winning Social Media strategies mean building not just brand loyalty, but something even deeper and stronger: brand attachment. We keep your prospects and customers high on enthusiasm: we design original and innovative Social Media campaigns that create trust and referrals, convert an entirely new audience while sustaining current customers.
Online channels dominate customers’ path-to-purchase. Our disruptive digital advertising strategy helps you maintain prospects’ and customers’ focus on your brand and accompany them all the way on their „customer decision journey”. Our approach is based on your business objectives: whether it’s growing sales, increasing leads or improving page ranking, we select the right strategic tools that enable us to meet your needs and drive ROI. Adding the right online advertising to the media mix also enhances the effectiveness of your non-digital marketing actions.
Technology evolves and so does marketing. You need ways to gain, retain and loyalize the modern customers. Mobile marketing gets you to market faster, which also creates a firm competitive advantage for your brand or products. We provide creatively customized mobile marketing strategies that effectively increase brand awareness, grow your user base and accelerate your business success. We help you successfully integrate your goals and unique identity with mobile technology, innovation and customer perspective to create continuously engaging and efficient apps.